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IKT Award ceremony in Parbhani – Maharashtra South

7th October 2012: Students Islamic Organisation of India, Parbhani city successfully organized Award ceremony program of Islamic knowledge test at Natraj Rang Mandir, Parbhani. The test was conducted on 2nd October 2012 at Indra Ganghi Girls School. The chief guests of this program were Dr. Rafiq Parnekar a well-known Islamic scholar and doctor by profession, Syed Moiz-ur-Rehman (President SIO Maharashtra South Zone), Mufti Khalil-ur-Rehman and Wajidansari (President JIH Parbhani City).

Dr. Rafiq Parnerkar said that our life is not aimless. Every soul has to taste the death and we are accountable in front of Allah for all our deeds therefore we should spent our whole life as per Allah’s will so that we can get success in both the worlds.

The program was carried on by the prize distributions, 3rd prize was secured by Ranveer Asmita worth Rs 3333/-, 2nd prize by Bhatke Ashogosh Prabhakar worth Rs 5555/- , and the 1st prize was given Chapke Nand Kishor Bhagwan worth Rs 9999/-. The winners ask for Translation copy of Quran which will be given to them by organizers soon. In another group Shaikhshees, Sana Tabassum and Shaikh Ahmad got 1st,2nd and 3rd prize respectively.

Indeed the program will gave rise to harmony, peace in the city.

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