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IKT Award ceremony at Aurangabad – Maharashtra South

7th October 2012: Students Islamic Organisation of India, Aurangabad city successfully organized Award ceremony program of Islamic knowledge test taken on 2nd October 2012 at Maulana Azad research centre. The chief guest of this program were Dr. W.K. Sarwade , (Director Student Welfare, BAMU), Dr. Rafiq Parnekar a well known Islamic scholar and doctor by profession, Mohd Suhail Ameer, (President SIO Maharashtra North Zone), Syed Moiz-ur-Rehman (President SIO Maharashtra South Zone), Mohd Misbahuddin (Joint Secretary SIO Maharashtra South Zone) and Mohd Rafatullah (President JIH Aurangabad City). They were felicitated with the plants.

Shaikh Naser (City President) spoked the inaugural words, aims and objective of IKT-2012, later Dr. W.K. Sarwade shared his views and encourage the audience to come forward breaking the religious barriers and to solve the issues moving on through the city, He encouraged students to move on through campuses eradicating evils and to be united. Later on Dr. Rafiq Parnekar shared his views about the relation between a mother-father, mother-son, mother-daughter which is deteriorating day by day. And showed us the best solution, later he showed what should be the aim to live life? And for what we are living? Which gave a motivating sensations through the audience, he spoke about the root cause of corruption.

The program was carried on by the prize distributions, where consolation prizes worth Rs 500 was given, afterwards 3rd prize was secured by Amol Shrao worth Rs 5000/-, 2nd prize by Ashokh Samse worth Rs 10,000/- , and the 1st prize was given Gauri Chavan Prakash worth Rs 15,000/-. Later they expressed their views praising working of SIO. Then the president of SIO North Zone Mohd Suhail Ameer addresses the students motivating them, encouraging young minds to come up. Later on the program commenced with the concluding words of Moiz-ur-Rehman (President SIO Maharashtra South Zone).

Indeed the program will gave rise to harmony, peace in the city and will eradicate the evils. 

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