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IFC Secretaries Camp Organised In Maharashtra South

Aurangabad: 21st October 2012: SIO Had successfully organized IFC (Islamic Friends Circle) Secretaries Camp for its Local IFC Secretaries & in charges. The purpose was taking review & Suggesting programs as per the psychology of Kids. Secretaries shared their unique experiences at Local level with IFC kids & their parents in CAMP. Program was started with the Model Dars-e-Quran of Surah al-feel for IFC by SIO Glint House Students in which 5 students presented Surah Feel in very unique way.  Visuals of all the characters of Surah Al- feel were presented during its explanation, Pictures ,Charts & Scientific Information of elephant & Abaabeel Bird were explained by the Hostel Students so that participants could organized in same pattern at local level.

Br. Salman Office Secretary of MS Zone Presented Introductory word in which he explained giving examples of Maulana Maudoodi, Hasnul Bannah’s Childhood. Also he explained the efforts of their caretaker in the development of their personalities. Participants shared their Unique experiences and Questioned with each other. Br. Habib IFC Secretary SIO MS Zone did co-ordinate a Group Discussion on IFC Students, Character and psychology of Children. He also suggested various games and tools for the development of IFC.

In His Concluding words Maulana Ilyas Falahi  stressed on Building the characters of IFC Students with the reference of Islamic History & its heroes such as Imam Hasan & Husain (R.A) He also suggested to make program for IFC keeping in mind their age psychology & interest.
There were various Prizes given such as Best Notes Award to Br. Waseem Badshah ( Nagar), Best Presentation award to Br. Siddique (Mumbra-Mumbai), Best Group Award (D- Br.Ariz Alwi Group) & Best Participants Award to Br. Akhlaque ( Malwani-Mumbai) ,

Lastly, In Tassurat Session Participants came across South Zone praised the Program content & its unique Arrangement which helped them lot in developing programs for IFC at Local Level.

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