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IFC Picnic organized by SIO Mumbra

Mumbai (Maharashtra South) – SIO Mumbra Unit has organized a whole day Picnic for their IFC (Islamic Friends Circle) associates and the students participated in WIC (Winter Islamic Camp) on 28th November 2012 at Vasai Fort and Beach.

This Picnic was a part of WIC (Winter Islamic Camp ’12) for which total 54 Delegates and 21 Volunteers showed their enthusiasm and made this Picnic a Successful one. Br. Abdus Salam (Member ZAC, SIO Maharashtra South), Br. Ziyaul Islam (Ast. Webmaster SIO National Websites) were also present there. The whole day programs were conducted under the guidance of Br. Hamidullah Shaikh (President, SIO Mumbra).

On the way in the bus delegates were distributed the IFC T-Shirt and then divided in 5 Groups Hazrat Ali group, Khalid-bin-Waleed group, Ansaar group, Jabir-bin-Hiyyam group and Tariq-bin-Ziyaad group; each group with one group leader and were told some instructions by Br. Abdul Aziz (Picnic In charge) to be followed. All reached the spot by 10:00 AM and before preceding the program any further Br. Arshad Shaikh (IFC Mumbra associate) was asked for the recitation of Quraan. Soon after that all Delegates in their group enjoyed the Breakfast, after that all participated for the Puzzle competition. Br. Zeeshan Chikte (IFC In charge – SIO Mumbai Division) told a concise History of the Fort and later all explored the fort. In between Delegates enjoyed the Game Treasure Hunt in which after a 30 Minutes rush finally Jabir bin Haiyyan group found the Treasure.

After offering Qasar Namaz for Zohar and Asar all had their Lunch and headed towards the beach, where they Played Tug-Of-War and Football. There were various Matches of Tug-Of-War first between all delegates group, then between Student volunteers and Working volunteers and in the end between all delegates and volunteer. Delegates were then allowed to enjoy the Sea Bath under a prescriptive area surrounded by volunteers. With this the IFC Mumbra Picnic reached to a Pleasant End and all reached their Home Safely.

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