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How to Study Smartly Before Exam- A Grand Program Organised By SIO Glint Hostel

“We should confiscate our limitations and confront our negative thoughts of  failing in the exams to cope up with the exam stress” said Mr. Naveed Quadri, a well known career counselor and Incharge SIO MS zone Career guidance cell, while delivering the speech on ‘How to Study smartly before exam’ here at SIO Glint Hostel, Maharashtra South Zone.

Held at SIO GLINT HOSTEL, the event looked at ways of mitigating fear of getting failed in exam, motivating students for a big achievement and preparing for a career with flying colors ahead, wherein more than 40 students participated

In introductory speech Br. Javed Mirza (Hostel Incharge of Student Center Aurangabad) talked about the need of organising such programs in competitive environment. He also motivated the student for learning such smart technique for their benefit.

In his main speech on the topic of Study smartly Technique before Exam, Mr. Naveed Quadri mitigated the fear and stress of the students by motivating and guiding them on techniques of exam preparation not only just to pass but to score and understand the subject. He also shared various tips with the help of Power point Presentation. He added memory technique, stress management, diet for exam, goal seating for high scoring to make the workshop more interesting.

He explained the students that we, at every stage of life are going through one another exams. Even if we fail it is an examination of our mental strength and failure is not an end but experience. He shared his personal experiences in his career which gave a practical insight.

Program concluded with Q&A session. Lot of students paid there regards to SIO for organising such a great event, once again SIO proved a Study, Struggle, Service picture.

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