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CBSE violated Judicial verdict in NEET exam instructions: SIO


Demanding correction regarding dress code instructions of NEET exam aspirants according to court judgements, SIO delegation met CBSE authorities to, hand over memorandum along with students’ complaints. After picketing CBSE Head office here in Delhi, SIO National secretaries Jaseem pp, and Syed Azharuddinn held a talk with Asst.Director Dr Bharadwaj and expressed their protest in very shocking incidents of harassment and clear cut violation of Kerala high court judgement which took place in the name of security and transparency in many NEET 2017 Exam centres across the country conducted by CBSE. In Memorandum SIO accused that CBSE can’t wash its …

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Make ‘Every Person Important’ by providing quality education to all.


 Shiksha Samvad: Mewat Educational Development Mewat was carved out as an independent district after dividing Gurgaon & Faridabad on April 4, 2005. After the division Mewat remained agriculturally and industrially backward. It lacked basic facilities such as education, health, transport & other amenities. According to 2011 census, 79.20% of Mewatis are Muslims. Mewat which is the most backward area of the state has reported the worst literacy rate of 54.08%. 493 primary schools exist in the District but only 45 High Schools are there, approximately 80% Muslim concentrated district has 352 sanctioned positions for Sanskrit, 116 for Hindi and 03 …

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SIO organised “Training Conversations” national workshop which aims to provide an essence and training associated with Public relations and Media management


The efforts towards Public relation and Media management is actually an art of persuasion. When it uses facts alongside the mission it would benefit people, help them grow and become a torchbearer of truth. SIO, an organized struggle to benefit the people through its dynamic understanding of Islam also needs to inspire this society in most best and qualified ways. In this regard a National level “PR and Media Workshop” has been organised by SIO of India with theme “Training Conversations” Comprehension – Co-operation – Communication, which aims to provide an essence and training associated with Public relations and Media …

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While giving his view on MCD results, Mr. Chetan Bhagat tweet mentioning ‘Talaq’ reflect his anguish, Invite him to study ‘ISLAM’ sincerily: SIO President.


Br. Nahas mala, President SIO had slammed Mr. Chetan bhagat over his recent tweet on MCD results and called him a less pondering person with non serious attitude. While giving his view on MCD results through twitter, Mr. Chetan instead of engaging in serious political discussions surrounding it and strengthen the democratic political process he choose to be a part of those mindsets who cannot stand for values and principles, he also used the term ‘Talaq’ in his tweet which is absolutely uncalled for and looks simply an attempt to ridicule and politicise the subject. ‘Talaq’ is a serious matter …

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SIO delegation with Rohingya Refugees at New Delhi


Br. Syed Azharuddin [National Secretary, SIO of India] visited refugees of Rohingya at New Delhi. Mr. Ali Johar (Student of Delhi university) one among refugees while speaking to delegation said, there are around 250 families in New Delhi at three different camps and they just given the cards of Refugees by #UNHCR but they even don’t have proper drinking water facility. Many children are going to schools run by some NGO and there are 3 students who completed their 10th and interested in higher studies but they don’t have enough money to study. Ali also said, today another group of …

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SIO President demands Government to end uncertainty over CBSE UGC NET

net cbse

The report on suspension of CBSE UGC NET has been created qualms in students community, Delay in release of notification has given rise to anxiety. Thousands of aspirants, who are waiting for CBSE UGC NET notification, are tiresome and mentally exhausted. CBSE should understand the jittery situation and announce tentative timeline for notification and announcement of January 2017 session results too, said SIO President, Nahas Mala. Higher education policy in India is fraught with several dichotomies. The incongruities in the policies of previous & present Government were always there, they came out on the surface after May 2014. In fact, …

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Irrelevant controversies over Islamic call for prayer ‘Azaan” must be Ridiculed and slammed – SIO


National president SIO, Br Nahas Mala strongly criticises the voices who are busy creating nonsensical controversy over Islamic call for prayer ‘Azaan”. After a series of insensitive comments by non serious attention seeking play back singer ‘Sonu Nigam’, the whole matter has been subjected to much controversy and is being exploited by some Media persons, unreal panelists and pseudo intellectuals. Azaan is an Islamic call for prayer and motivates the believers to proclaim the greatness of The lord Almighty ‘Allah’ and succeed in both the worlds. Neither it is a new call nor it is a new subject for Indian …

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SIO President demands apology from BJP leader Tarun Vijay over his rhetoric tweets related to Islamic dress ‘Hijab’


Mr. Tarun Vijay, a BJP leader who were recently criticised over his ‘Black’ remark to the peoples of south India, once again came up with his blunt and insensitive remark which goes against the secular credentials of this Nation.   This time the BJP leader disrespects Muslim dress Hijab by tweeting series of insensitive comments over twitter. Upon his visit to Puducherry University to take part in the commemoration function of Dr. B. R Ambedkar the students of the university strongly protested his presence and demand his return but the situation was controlled when police swung into action and managed …

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3.3 Million people signed in solidarity with Justice For Najeeb


Br Nahas Mala, President, Syed Azharuddin National Secretary SIO of India, submitted more than 3 million signed memorandum, which includes the signatures of 400 plus MLAs, 70 MPs and many other distinguished personalities across India to National Minority Commission, after month long Nationwide Signature Campaign on ‘Justice for Najeeb & Safety for Muslim Students in educational institutions’. To, The Chairperson National Commission for Minorities, New Delhi Sub: Justice for Najeeb & Safety for Muslim Students in Educational Institutions Dear Sir, Greetings from SIO SIO of India organized a Nationwide Signature Campaign on ‘Justice for Najeeb & Safety for Muslim Students …

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SIO handed over a cow to Phelu Khan’s family as a token of protest


New Delhi: Today (20.04.2017) SIO delegation visited Phelu Khan’s residence at Mewat, Haryana and handed over a milch cow as they had promised so. Phelu khan was stopped by cow vigilantes in Alwar area of Rajasthan and beaten to death while he was transporting cows. He was a father of 8 children and dairy farm was the only source of his livelihood. Even though they had owned properly “Jaipur Nagar Nigam” papers for carrying cows, they began to lynch them as some of them were trying to get the diesel from vehicle to burn them alive, according Azmat , who …

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