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Rohingya issue, A Test of Human Conscience : Br. Nahas


National President Students Islamic Organisation of India, Br Nahas Mala in a press statement says, whatever is happening in Myanmar with Rohingya community is neither a hidden nor incomprehensible affair. It is absolutely a test of Human conscience and fundamental human ethics to choose between Humanity and Barbarity.     He further added that, every Human being is created equal and deserve basic right of living with dignity, irrespective of Ethnicity, Religion or Region and those fundamental rights of Rohingya’s are being snatched in most cruel ways.     It is the duty of International community and Law to solve …

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The government school teachers are heavily involved in non-teaching tasks.


No Detention Policy Are Children not studying because they are not afraid of failing? In 2016, the Central Advisory Board of Education (CABE) decided to withdraw no detention policy, Many State Governments also proposed the same. The reason behind the inclusion of No detention Policy in RTE – 2009 was to reduce the number of dropout students. CABE claimed that students from the marginalized community never came back to school when they were detained in the same class, to overcome the situation they brought in No Detention Policy, especially targeting the backward communities. RTE – 2009 introduced ‘No Detention Policy’, …

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The Supreme court Majority bench verdict failed to clear the issues surrounding Islamic subject ‘Talaq’ – SIO


The Supreme Court verdict Tuesday quashed the practice of instant triple talaq, and called it unconstitutional and in violation of Article 14 of the Indian Constitution, which provides for equality before the law. The five-member bench was divided 3-2 on the matter, with the majority verdict striking the practice down. Br. Nahas, President SIO said that, the expectations that a Supreme Court verdict will clear the misconceptions surrounding the whole issue have largely been unaddressed. Syed Azharuddin, National Secretary, SIO of India. prs@sio-india.org www.sio-india.org

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Denounce Roopanwala Commission Report – Br Nahas Mala


Nahas Mala, President SIO of India have denounced the Roopanwala Commission Report which inquired into the suicide of Rohit Vemula ,a research scholar from HCU. Citing the report of establishing false allegations , he said that the commission proved to be another tool to nullify the reality of the discrimination’s and assaults Rohit faced that eventually led to suicide. The report has no mention of the political influence over the issue, MLA N Ramachander Rao, along with hundreds of his supporters threaten the VC to take action against ASA ,of which Rohith was a member.”The report also ignored the communications …

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Siksha Samvad on “Madrasa Education: Issues & Challenges”  


  Madrasas were the cradle of new inventions nay new civilization during the middle ages. In our country too the contribution of Madrasa towards educational and political revival cannot be denied. It was the springboard of freedom movement.  It was the abode of intellectuals, poets, writers and revolutionaries. While the Madrasas were places of new initiatives and harbingers of inventions it is regrettable for having secluded the institutions today as the mere provider of few religious teachings. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if we say that it has lost its pristine glory and its true status! In this direction, Students …

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When Selfishness rule hearts, Generations lost – SIO


Condolences and Prayers to the families who lost their lovely children’s in a tragic hospital incident of Gorakhpur, UP. President, SIO of India, Br. Nahas Mala said that Children’s death reflects the selfish nature of hospital administration who were busy in petty issues and undermined basic care and facilities. Br. Nahas said, instead of checking Muslims patriotism CM Yogi should answer for the loss of life of innocent children and also demanded a fair inquiry into the matter and asked the UP Government to book perpetrator. It’s time to introspect and question overall Healthcare in India, he continued. Syed Azharuddin …

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SIO launched “Human Dignity Campaign” at Osmania University, Hyderabad.


Students Islamic Organisation of India (SIO) released the poster of 15 day long (from 16th August – 30th August) “Human Dignity Campaign” in Arts College, Osmania University, Hyderabad. SIO’s central leaders Mr. Khaleeq Ahmed Khan, Mr. Mohammed Jaseem, its zonal leader Layeeq Ahmed Khan, representatives of student organisations from OU graced the event. Which includes Mr. Naresh of DMSA, Mr.Darshan of DBSA etc. Mr. Jaseem asserted that every religious scripture talks about dignity of mankind. And it’s everyone’s primary duty to uphold it. Mr. Darshan proclaimed that social justice for SCs, STs, BCs, and minorities is inevitable. Society should break …

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Union Govt stepped back and didn’t argue on the bias in SC: SIO


The Supreme Court while directing Centre to include Urdu as a language for the 2018-19 session of the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET), the common test for admission into medical courses had asked SIO to take back the allegations against government .But Ravinder S Garia, advocate appearing on behalf of SIO refused to withdraw the affidavit and said that on 4th January 2017, Maharashtra government requested the centre to include Urdu and the centre refused the claim saying it received the letter on 17th January 2017. Later, in the next affidavit filed by Union of India, the centre accepted …

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Najeeb Case: CBI betraying the judicial system – SIO


Students Islamic Organisation of India has alleged the CBI of betraying the legal system in the forceful disappearance case of JNU student Najeeb Ahmed. The case was transferred to CBI more than three months ago following the inaction of the Delhi Police which handled the case initially. CBI is proving no better than the Delhi Police. Even after three months , the CBI did not find it shameful today to produce before the Delhi High Court the same old report already presented a month before. Raising serious concerns over the CBI’s inaction, Nahas Mala, President, SIO of India said “This …

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SIO condemns the Centre’s retraction on JMI’s minority status.


Nahas Mala, President SIO of India has stated that the controversy regarding Jamia Millia Islamia’s minority status is ill founded and wrongly taken. National Council for Minority Educational Institutions has adjudicated and held that “Jamia was founded by Muslims for the benefit of Muslims and it never lost its identity as a Muslim minority educational institution”, and was, therefore, “covered under Article 30(1)… read with Section 2(g) of the National Commission for Minority Educational Institutions Act”. Therefore SIO, on behalf of the Muslim community demands entitlement of the community to “establish” and “administer” educational institutions of its choice under Article …

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