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‘Recent School Horrors’, A Reflection of filthy environment prevailing in Educational system- SIO


Br. Nahas Mala, President SIO of India heavily criticized the management and functionaries of various schools (Namely: Ryan International school, DPS Kalyanpur, Om Public School Haryana etc) who failed to provide modest atmosphere in their schools resulting in horrible deaths, psychological stress, Injuries, academic failure, sexual harassment etc of innocent children.   Parents send their children to schools with great hopes and trust, but the commercial and corrupt mindsets of some school administrations are demeaning their efforts and taking child upbringing very easy by not providing them a suitable atmosphere of learning.   Br. Nahas also criticised the prevailing educational …

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SIO Launched Entrepreneurship Cell for Self dependency and to Create employment opportunities


In the era of digitalization in the name of development, educated youths are frustrated due to lack of employment opportunities in a world which is called as Global Village. As it’s a fact that education is not employment, many young students are coming up with new ideas to do something different as every human being has some unique characteristics. The who takes risks only to earn for him/herself but also to create employment opportunity for the well being of the either friends, relatives, neighbours or those who are in need of job for their livelihood is termed as Entrepreneur. Till …

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BHU molestation : SIO demands stringent actions, condemns Lathi charge


New Delhi : Students Islamic Organisation has asked the Banaras Hindu University (BHU) authorities to take stringent actions against the culprits in the incident of molestation of a student as well as a hostel inmate adjacent to the campus. Expressing anguish over the efforts of university to corner the issue in view of the visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Nahas Mala, President, SIO of India, told that by hiding the issue the authorities paid no heed to the attack on the dignity of girl student. He expressed solidarity with the protests ongoing in the campus demanding justice to the …

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SIO demands probe into Haryana fake encounter


Delhi 19th Sept: Nahas Mala, President SIO of India has demanded a fair and impartial probe by a competent authority into the series of fake encounters in Haryana, eleven of them in the Nuh district itself the latest being that of a boy called Munfaid. Sourcing the fact-finding report of “Citizens Against Hate” he said ” Munfaid was called upon by the police authorities asking him to become an informer in exchange for dropping all fall charges against him. He was later shot dead “The report has a list of 15 such incidents happened in various places across the state.” …

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Gauri Lankesh, another victim of silencing dissent: SIO


“The murder of Gauri Lankesh once again showcased the blow on dissent in democracy, said Nahas Mala, president, SIO of India. “We join the kith and kin of the deceased in this painful time”, he further added. Gauri Lankesh was always direct in putting her point under any given circumstances . She longed and worked for the betterment of the oppressed. Three hours before she was brutally murdered, she tweeted her concern for the rohingyan refugees. Terming the incident as another example of intolerance against the voices of dissent, Nahas asked for a fast, comprehensive and impartial inquiry into the …

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Rohingya issue, A Test of Human Conscience : Br. Nahas


National President Students Islamic Organisation of India, Br Nahas Mala in a press statement says, whatever is happening in Myanmar with Rohingya community is neither a hidden nor incomprehensible affair. It is absolutely a test of Human conscience and fundamental human ethics to choose between Humanity and Barbarity.     He further added that, every Human being is created equal and deserve basic right of living with dignity, irrespective of Ethnicity, Religion or Region and those fundamental rights of Rohingya’s are being snatched in most cruel ways.     It is the duty of International community and Law to solve …

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The government school teachers are heavily involved in non-teaching tasks.


No Detention Policy Are Children not studying because they are not afraid of failing? In 2016, the Central Advisory Board of Education (CABE) decided to withdraw no detention policy, Many State Governments also proposed the same. The reason behind the inclusion of No detention Policy in RTE – 2009 was to reduce the number of dropout students. CABE claimed that students from the marginalized community never came back to school when they were detained in the same class, to overcome the situation they brought in No Detention Policy, especially targeting the backward communities. RTE – 2009 introduced ‘No Detention Policy’, …

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The Supreme court Majority bench verdict failed to clear the issues surrounding Islamic subject ‘Talaq’ – SIO


The Supreme Court verdict Tuesday quashed the practice of instant triple talaq, and called it unconstitutional and in violation of Article 14 of the Indian Constitution, which provides for equality before the law. The five-member bench was divided 3-2 on the matter, with the majority verdict striking the practice down. Br. Nahas, President SIO said that, the expectations that a Supreme Court verdict will clear the misconceptions surrounding the whole issue have largely been unaddressed. Syed Azharuddin, National Secretary, SIO of India. prs@sio-india.org www.sio-india.org

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Denounce Roopanwala Commission Report – Br Nahas Mala


Nahas Mala, President SIO of India have denounced the Roopanwala Commission Report which inquired into the suicide of Rohit Vemula ,a research scholar from HCU. Citing the report of establishing false allegations , he said that the commission proved to be another tool to nullify the reality of the discrimination’s and assaults Rohit faced that eventually led to suicide. The report has no mention of the political influence over the issue, MLA N Ramachander Rao, along with hundreds of his supporters threaten the VC to take action against ASA ,of which Rohith was a member.”The report also ignored the communications …

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Siksha Samvad on “Madrasa Education: Issues & Challenges”  


  Madrasas were the cradle of new inventions nay new civilization during the middle ages. In our country too the contribution of Madrasa towards educational and political revival cannot be denied. It was the springboard of freedom movement.  It was the abode of intellectuals, poets, writers and revolutionaries. While the Madrasas were places of new initiatives and harbingers of inventions it is regrettable for having secluded the institutions today as the mere provider of few religious teachings. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if we say that it has lost its pristine glory and its true status! In this direction, Students …

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