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Rohit an ever shining inspiration for resistance movements: Br. Nahas Mala


Speaking on the occasion of the second day of remembrance of institution inflicted suicide of Rohit Vemula, Nahas Mala (President, SIO of India) said that Rohit will remain an icon for all the resistance movements now and in future.His suicide was a political act, far more than a physical and emotional one which ignited new fires for the Dalit, minorities and other marginalised sections in India. It strengthened the visible emergence of the then marginalised Dalit communities into the mainstream space. And the future belongs to such political movements.”The fact that the very perpetrators against whom Rohit stood until his …

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President SIO of India writes to President of India


To, Shri. Ram Nath Kovind Honorable President of India, Rashtrapathi Bhavan, New Delhi. Respected Sir, Sub: Regarding the upcoming visit of Prime Minister of Israel Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu I, on behalf of Students Islamic Organisation of India, express our strong discontent over the upcoming visit of Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to India. We believe that, by welcoming an Internationally notorious leader, India has compromised its values of humanity and fraternity. As you know Israel under his leadership has been crushing down innocent lives majority of them kids and women, in the Palestinian territories. The brutal assault on the Palestinians …

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Ensure safety of students in JNU : SIO


Expressing grave concerns over the missing of Research Scholar in the School of Life Sciences Mukul Jain the second in the recent times, SIO has asked the Jawaharlal Nehru University authorities to take necessary actions to ensure the safety of students in the campus. Nahas Mala, President SIO of India has said that the recent case of missing proves the lack of security measures in the campus to ensure students safety. He also accused the university authorities of being inactive and ineffective in the case of Najeeb Ahmed another student who went missing from the same campus since October 2016 …

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SIO Condemns the attack against Dalits in Maharashtra


Nahas Mala, President SIO of India has condemned the attack on the Dalit procession as part of the 200th anniversary of the victory of Battle of Bhima Koregaon near Pune in Maharashtra on Monday. A youth named Rahul Fatangale died and several others severely injured in the brutal attack by saffron flag bearing Marathas on the congregation of Dalits, one of the largest in the country. Nahas said that the attack on the Dalit rally can be seen as an act of hate and intolerance that has been continuing unabated in the country against the recent emergence of Dalit communities …

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SIO Leaders launched logo of upcoming All India Conference at New Delhi.


Student Islamic organization of India has decided to conduct a national level conference under the central theme, “Reclaiming Dignity, Designing Future” on 23, 24 and 25 February 2018 at New Delhi.The proposed mega event is an effort to guide the youth to the right path and to orient their emotions in the right direction. The main message to be delivered is not to get disheartened by the circumstances, not to be panicky and not to get provoked either. No power in the universe can deprive us of the honour and position our Lord has bestowed on us.  If this honour …

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Jerusalem sanctity cannot be reduced to mere Politics: Nahas Mala


New Delhi: National president of SIO, Br Nahas mala condemned American president decision to declare Jerusalem as Israel capital. He further added that, Jerusalem has been a sanctified land for all the three major Abrahamic faiths and like wise must be respected. This decision is absolutely one sided and cannot be reduced to mere justifications of conflict resolution. Israel has been serially violating Palestinian rights and instead of healing their wounds president trump is siding with unjust voices. International community and Muslims around the world must voice against this decision and truly assure Palestinian rights , He Concluded.

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SIO released book on Career Guidance book for Madarsa Students in Urdu


  Students Islamic Organization of India (SIO) has been concerned about the Islamic Seminaries from the day one. The organization strives to nurture consciousness of society and social problems among students of these Islamic Seminaries and nourish their capabilities to enable them to carry out their desired role in the building of community and the nation. To review the prevalent conditions among these seminaries, SIO has in the year 2014 conducted a nation-wide survey, in which representatives of SIO surveyed close to 500 Madaris of our beloved country. Detailed discussions and interactions were conducted with students of Madaris, dignitaries of …

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First time in India, IRI and CERT Promoting Sustainable Environment, Consumption and Production in Communities through Islamic Teachings


New Delhi(15th Nov 2017): Natural resources are essential for survival of human kind. Agricultural land provides us with food; a sufficient supply of clean and potable water sustains life; and raw material of various kinds is needed for shelter. Natural resources are required not only for meeting our basic needs, but also for fulfilling our aspirations for a better quality of life, for higher standards of living, for comfort and ease, and for economic and social well-being, said Prof. Mohd Rafat, Professor, JMI and Member Advisory Board, CERT Every society depends on natural resources like biogenic and mineral raw materials, …

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Reinstate Biannual UGC National Eligibility Test – SIO


  National Eligibility test is to be held on 05.11.2017. The National Eligibility Test (N.E.T.), being conducted since 1984, is held twice a year. The Central Board of Secondary Education, which held the last National Eligibility Test, in the month of January, has not issued any public notification for the test in mid-2017. Therefore, the Central Board of Secondary Education acted arbitrarily wherein the attempts for National Eligibility Test were narrowed down to just once per year. The Central Board of Secondary Education would conduct National Eligibility Test in 84 subjects at 90 selected National Eligibility Test Cities spread across the country. It is …

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Democrats should support the struggle for democracy in JMI- SIO


New Delhi(2nd Nov 2017): Who always talking about democratisation should come forward and support the struggle of students in JMI. This struggle is after 12 years of blatant silence. Students who broke this dumbness really deserve much applause and credit from the student community across the nation. The Jamia administration should open its shuttered mouth before the demands of Jamia students forum which comprising many student movements including SIO of India. Jamia admin is beating around the bush instead of coming up with any solid solution for the struggling students’ demands. JMI still is trying to hide the strongest struggle …

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