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Grand Students gathering “Discover self” | SIO Malwani, Mumbai

Malwani, Mumbai (20.11.11). A sea of students and youth in the eve of this Sunday experienced the never seen  program of Malwani Unit, which was a promo of SIO Mumbai region main conference on 18 Dec.2011. Near about 1100 students attended the program.

The program started with recitation of Quran along with English and Urdu Translations. Post Inaugural words of Shaikh Anwar series of main speeches started. The program was presided by Dr. Javed Mukarram (Aurangabad), where as special guest Maulan Abu Zafar Hassan Nadvi Azhari was present at the occasion.

“Present Scenario and youth” was tackled by Er. Abdul Waheed.He put forth the current era highlights, high and low points. He put forth various stats of crimes in India.  Described the plight of students and youths being indulged in overuse of technology,harming to an extent greater than benefiting. Not using TIME for self improvement, rather killing it.

Ever shine speaker Maulan Abu Zafar Hassan raised concerns over the increasing trends of children being betrayed by the religion, not obeying parents. Motivated the parents to take care of their beloved as far as Islamic teachings are concerned. Showed the way to Jannah hidden in  following the Sunnah of Prophet (SAW).

The main speech of the program “Discover Yourself “ was delivered by the Dr. Javed Mukarram.  He started with appreciating the youth who gathered at the occasion that it is a positive sign of improvement. “Hardly people now a days gathers for some serious issues” he added.  “My Life is precious”  is the concept which students and youth need to think over. He emphasized on the issue.  Quoted various exemplary life of Prophets,Sahaba and reformist of the century. He stressed the students to become the need of this country. “If you do not remember anything from my speech, no issues, but remember you have to become a need of this country” He said. He explained the Hadith of Prophet (SAW) mentioning Jannah and Levels of Jannah.  “ The greatest impact of attack of evil forces in our life is negligence of this life being value less and we became the worst of all, we do not know the importance of time rather we want to kill time” He added. He raised grave concerns over the purposeless life of students and youths.  Showed the way to “Discover self”. He urged the students to become a part of great organisation SIO.

Finally program concluded with vote of thanks and Dua.

SIO Malwani has burned the midnight oil to bring  about this marvelous piece of work in thelife of students.

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