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Grand Students Meet a boost to SIO Mira Road

Mira Road, Mumbai (10.12.11). A grand students’ Meet of about 500 attendees was successfully organized here in the eve of this sat. One of the biggest events for SIO Mira Road.

The program started with recitation of Quran along with English and Urdu Translations. Inaugural Speech was delivered by Br. Kamran (President SIO Mumbai). The program was presided by Jb. Abdul Qawi Falahi sb (Aurangabad).

In his inaugural words Br. Karman covered the various avenues SIO is working in. He dealt with the present scenario we are living in. Highlighted the contribution of youth in particular in every era. “Contemporary middle east revolution headed by youth and students” He added. “Intellectual Dynamic is the current identity of SIO” he highlighted. Finally he concluded that SIO is only organisation working for students and youth to prepare them for reconstruction of society in the light of divine guidance.

“Present Scenario and youth” was tackled by Jb Tahir Shah Sb. He described the plight of students and youths being indulged in various addiction especially drugs/tobacco/sedative. Not using TIME for self improvement, rather killing it was his conceren. He raised grave concerns over parents not giving as much attention as required towards their wards. Finally concluded with appeal to all youth to come forth and play their role for society.  

The main speech of the program “Discover Yourself “was delivered by the Jb. Abdul Qawi Falahi sb.  He covered the youth mentioned in Quran in various verses. He started with Sura Aeraf where Allah (SWT) exalted the position of some youth who separated from the community only for Allah. He came to Surah Yusuf mentioning the elevated character of Prophet Yusuf (A) when all the evils of female society called  him up and situation he said was like girls walking on ramp, Prophet Yusuf (A) abstained from any filthy things and Allah (SWT) saved him. “Today we need character of Prophet Yusuf (A) , Prophet Ibrahim (A) as youth” He added. Quoting various life of Sahaba as youth namely Musab bin Umair (R), Hanzala (R) and Saad (R), he cited examples of the contemporary situation of Palestine and  entire middle east. Gripped the youth living life aimlessly and  urged the students to become a part of great organisation SIO to succeed in the life here and hereafter.

Finally program concluded with vote of thanks and Dua.

SIO Mira road has burned the midnight oil to bring about this marvelous piece of work in the life of students.

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