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Grand Students Rally at Kolkata

 Grand Rally to Mark Grand Students Festival 

Kolkata(2.12.2012): A massive rally was organised at the second day of the grand Students Festival, which commenced from Golthala and concluded at Mahatma Gandhi Statue. Students took part in the rally in thousands. Students raised slogans on redefining education, renovating society, regaining struggle, revolution in humanity, revolution in society, revolution in campuses and many more. The rally also featured tabloids to express the various problems in India and the attacks of Israel on Palestine.

More than 4000 students walk the streets of Kolkata depicting the grand presence of SIO in the state. During the rally SIO National President addressed the masses and gave the message of exploring Edutainment, coloring creativity. While other National and state SIO and JIH personalities also spoke on the occasion. 

Students demonstrated a scene full of enthusiasm, all were shouting NARAs and some displayed creative drama and street play. Various media people covered the rally. Media bites of President marked the event.

 Where in people cross all limits in the name of entertainment and education is understood a dry thing, SIO thinks a combination of both in an Islamic Way is best way to get things done. Exploring Edutainment gives the same message. 

Creativity shall never be undermined and a motivation to color the same is message of SIO. One shall always strive to contribute to society added with creativity makes is more effective and less cumbersome. Coloring creativity symbolizes the same. 

 SIO Impacted the Nation by this great event and showed a new angle of cultural activities. 


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