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Government’s Downswing in Social Expenditure in Union Budget 2015 is not a good sign for the People India, SIO

The Union Budget 2015 presented by Mr. Arun Jaitley, the Finance Minister, Government of India (GOI) indicates a considerable downswing in social expenditure, which is not a good sign for the people of India, said the Mr. Iqbal Hussain, the National President, Student Islamic Organisation (SIO) of India in his press release on the issue.

In his statement, the National President said, there is a substantial reduction seen in overall budgetary allocations on the education, health, social justice and empowerment sectors as compared to the previous budget. The decrease in funds allocated for school education and the cut-off in mid-day meal scheme is another surprise of this budget. Though there is slight rise in the allocations on Higher Education physical Infrastructure but SIO demands more funds to be allocated to this area.

The proposal to establish IITs, IIMs, AIMS and other institutions is welcomed. However, SIO expects that the GOI would also take necessary steps to improve the condition of already existing Institutions. One more area which is of outmost importance and is ignored in the current Budget-2015 is the area of Academic Research and Development. SIO could not find any reason on why this area is ignored allocating no funds when it going play a key role in improving the service sector. SIO demands the GOI to review its policy towards this and allocate funds.

SIO appreciate the vision of Mr. Jaitly to provide Indian Children access to school in every 5 km range by 2022 but the measures through which is going to be achieved seems to be not very much clear. SIO demands the Ministry of Finance and Human Resource Development to propose a specific program to achieve this vision.

The efforts to ease the access of foreign education for Indian students and Indian education for foreign students are appreciable. SIO also welcomes the establishment of Self Employment & Talent Utilization (SETU) by the GIO and hope that this initiative would help in developing the business and Entrepreneur skills among Indian youth. SIO expects the GOI to allocate more funds to this type of Institutions. The president said, though some good initiatives have been taken up in this budget-2015 but the downswing on allocation of budgetary expenditure towards school education, higher education, women & Children, family & health, social justice & empowerment clearly indicates the deviation of GOI from social welfare policy.

There is no doubt that our nation (India) with its all resources has a potential to lead the world in various aspects and to become a developed nation. And, it is possible only if the GOI make its policies considering the key issues. The GOI should involve all the sections of the society and should consider the interest of all the citizens especially the middle class, minorities, youth and the people who are living on or below poverty line while designing and implementation of programs for the national development.

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