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Gauri Lankesh, another victim of silencing dissent: SIO

“The murder of Gauri Lankesh once again showcased the blow on dissent in democracy, said Nahas Mala, president, SIO of India. “We join the kith and kin of the deceased in this painful time”, he further added.

Gauri Lankesh was always direct in putting her point under any given circumstances . She longed and worked for the betterment of the oppressed. Three hours before she was brutally murdered, she tweeted her concern for the rohingyan refugees.

Terming the incident as another example of intolerance against the voices of dissent, Nahas asked for a fast, comprehensive and impartial inquiry into the murder.

Syed Azharuddin
National Secretary,
Department of Public Relations, SIO of India.
prs@sio-india.org www.Sio-india.org

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