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Foreign University Bill is Apprehensive —SIO

New Delhi-16/03/10: The foreign university bill passed in the cabinet is apprehensive, expressed the National Secretariat of SIO. The HRD Minister Kapil Sibal views that the bill if passed in parliament would be a revolution larger than the one in the telecom sector. This statement itself shows that the bill will be a green signal for tough competitions in the ‘education industry’ to earn large profits. The biggest problem faced by the Indian society is that higher education is reachable only for those who fall in the right hands of economic affordability and so a large section of Indian society has been marginalised. The bill if implemented will only help to intensify the current state of affairs. Commercialization of education had ruined many Indians and replaced talents by “capitation fee”. SIO also is  apprehensive of the invasion of western culture, ethics and values along with the western universities.

It is condemnable that all the recent bills tabled in parliament are controversial, without proper discussions and debates and that fulfils imperial and elite agenda, which includes bill on nuclear liability bill, (GM) seeds bill and the foreign university bill. It clearly reveals the attitude of slavery of UPA government to United States. It is quiet apprehensive that since Kapil Sibal took charge of HRD Ministry, many crucial decisions with regard to education were taken all of a sudden, without any democratic means of debates and discussions amongst the public. SIO National Secretariat said in the statement that the bills related to education to be tabled in parliament – Educational tribunal bill, Accreditation bill, Prohibition of Unfair Practices in Technical, Medical Educational Institutions and of course allowing the setting up of foreign universities bill should not be nod without proper discussions and debates.

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