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Education needs more Funds:SIO

NEW DELHI 14/03/10 :  SIO National Secretariat expressed concern over insufficient allocation of funds in Education Sector in the Union Budget 2010.

The education sector was promised a public spending of six per cent of GDP, but the actual spending on the sector remains almost half of the promised amount. There is a need for greater allocation for education sector especially after Implementation of Right to Education Bill which will require an expenditure of Rs 1,72,000 crore over the next five years. But only  Rs 31,036 crore allocated for school education but it will be highly insufficient to deliver quality education based on principles of equity and non-discrimination to a target population as large as 15 crore..Union Budget 2010-2011 has failed to deliver in education sector allocation. Education was declared to be given great focus by the UPA government. We demand from government to stop experimenting and pursuing immature policies of market based delivery system for education as well. Any such policies will be highly resisted as they compromise the very principles of quality, equitable and non-discriminatory education for all that they proclaim to instil.

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