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Dont panic, dear Assamese friends. We love you | SIO Bangalore

“Don’t leave Bangalore, dear Assamese friends. We love you!” and “Bangalore is safe. No need to fear. Stay back” are some of the slogans on placards carried by about 50 members of the Students Islamic Organization of India at the city railway station.

16th August 2012-SIO on Thursday appealed to the northeast people, especially students, to remain in Bangalore and not to believe in rumors that they would be attacked in retaliation to the recent Assam ethnic violence.
Even as police scotched rumors of retaliatory attacks on northeast people after Ramadan as a backlash, Muslim leaders in the city warned anti-social elements against spreading rumors, circulating mischievous messages or threatening anyone, especially people from northeast.

“We condemn all those who are indulging in rumor-mongering and causing panic among the northeast people, especially students who have been residing in Bangalore or cities across the state over the years. There is no truth in what is being falsely spread or circulated through SMS or social media. Don’t believe in them and leave the city,” said a member of the Bangalore Islamic Foundation Trust.

Alarmed over reports that a section of the minority community was behind the rumors, Students Islamic Organisation of India member Tauseef Ahmad said that it was unfortunate that they (Muslims) were being blamed for the wild rumors without being investigated or substantiated.

“It is for police to investigate who is behind such rumors and punish the guilty. How can anyone be accused of threatening the northeast people, including students, of revenge for some violence in Assam with which they are in no way connected,” Ahmad said.

While SIO Mumbai delegation met LTT station master in this regard. He assured the situation is under control after the two new trains are being deployed for the overcrowding commuters.

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