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Delhi Gang Rape Case: a peaceful protest by SIO Pune

Pune 23/12/12: Hundreds of Pune residents, mostly students accompanied by senior citizens, gathered at MG Road Pune on Sunday evening against Delhi gang rape case.
A peaceful protest was organised against the recent incident of Delhi gang rape, demanding speedy trail and stringent punishment for the accused. The lead role in the protest was taken up by Students Islamic Organisation of India, Pune.

The 23-year-old paramedical student, who was gang raped and tortured on a moving bus on last Sunday and dumped on the roadside near Mahipalpur flyover, is still battling for her life at Safdarjung Hospital in the national capital, Delhi.
“Government should set up fast track courts and punish all the rapists. We want strict action against all the accused,” Said Miss Priya, an activist while Mr. Shaikh Nadeem (Member, SIO Pune) said “In every society, a woman plays different roles of Mother, Sister, Wife and Daughter. It is a duty of each and every individual to respect her”.

Mr. Vaseem Khan were the coordinator of the protest from SIO, Pune who is also a member of SIO, Pune. Mr. Vaseem states- “We strongly demand that the government should take strict action against the rapists. SIO strongly believes that the solution to all types of sexual assaults are in following three steps- 1. Precaution, 2. Prevention and 3. Punishment”.

SIO suggest that everyone should adopt the following principles in daily life-
a. Lower your gaze whenever you come across a stranger person – for both men and women
b. Don’t be alone in a private place with opposite sex except spouse – for both men and women
c. Cover your body with descent clothes, don’t expose body parts which one feel ashamed of- for both men and women
d. Marry with a pious spouse as early as possible – for both men and women
e. Don’t travel alone without spouse or father or brother for a long time & long distances- for women
f. Know that you are accountable to God for your deeds and you have to answer to God for your crimes and sins- for both men and women
g. Even then if someone commits sins like rape then punish them publicly so that it will become a lesson for others. This severe public punishment will not be a general case but once in a while case so that people fear for the punishment and stop themselves from committing sins.
‘Clean minds, clean surroundings and clean prosecution is all what is needed’

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