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Creative Strokes

Cartoon Sketching Competition


Students Islamic Organisation of India
Is organising a national level Cartoon Sketching Competition for amateur student artist.*

Rules & Regulations



1.    Participant should be a student within India
2.    No age Limit.
3.    There is no restriction on sex. Both boys and girls can participate.



•    Global Warming
•    Corruption
•    India’s Education System



1.    Cartoon shall be made limited to Topics given, others will not be accepted.
2.    There is no limit on maximum Size, however minimum it shall be 5cm x 5 cm
3.    Cartoon can be B&W as well as color.
4.    Cartoon shall be purely handmade, computerized cartoons will not be accepted.
5.    Cartoon shall be original works of participant; it should not be copied from any website, newspaper or Magazine.
6.    Copyright images will not be accepted.
7.    Cartoons shall be scanned and sent to contest@sio-india.org. Minimum resolution shall be 300dpi
8.    No hard copies will be accepted.
9.    All entries selected by Jury for Display can be seen at contest.sio-india.org
10.  Last date for submitting online entries 30th Oct. 2011, 1800 Hrs.



1.    1st Place: Rs 10,000 + certificate
2.    2nd Place: Rs 5,000 + certificate
3.    3rd Place: Rs 3,000 + certificate
4.    All participants will receive a ‘PARTICIPATION CERTIFICATE’
5.    Decision of the jury will be final
6.    Winning entries will be displayed on SIO website early second week November-2011.
7.    Any further queries can be sent to webmaster(at)sio-india.org

*This competition does not intend to condemn, criticise or abuse anyone personally.


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