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Colors of Creativity – called Students Festival

SIO displays Colors of Creativity through “Students Festival ‘12”

Kolkata: (Dec. 2) Students Islamic Organisation of India (SIO) conducted a two day mega event titled “Students Festival ‘12” at Kolkata – West Bengal on 1st and 2nd December 2012. The objectives of the event were to promote Dignity and Ethics as the basis of Edutainment, to strengthen the Spirit of Brotherhood, while promoting Talents and Skills and to harvest the spirit of healthy competition amongst students.

Students from different universities, colleges across the country have participated in the event in millions. The program was concluded with a ‘Student Convention’ on 2nd December 2012. The Students Festival ‘12 featured various competitions related to Art & Culture.

The first day event was held at Mohar Kunj. The program began with an inaugural session, where Mr. P.M. Salih (General Secretary – SIO of India), Mr. Noor-uz-Zaman (MLA – Kolkata) and Mr. Mohammed Azharuddin (National President – SIO of India) addressed the gathering.

They spoke on the current controversies with respect to entertainment, role of youths in the current scenario and the objectives of Students Festival respectively. The inaugural session also featured the official launch of SIO’s national calendar.

The session was followed by various competitions, such as, poem recitation, elocution, mono acting, pick and speak, painting, mime, mimicry, drama, street play and quiz. Various off stage event like, photography, film script writing, poem writing, drama script writing, short film making, documentary making, poster making and story writing were also a part of the mega event.

Students from various parts of India participated in these competitions in huge numbers. A session was also dedicated for the students to perform in the local state language. The program concluded with a grand price distribution ceremony. The winners were given a memento, certificate and a cash price. Few jury members also expressed their views on the occasion. After the prize distribution, Mr. Rafeeq Ahmed (Assistant Secretary – JIH) and Dr. Nooruddin (State President – JIH West Bengal) addressed the gathering.

The second day of the event began with a rally, which commenced from Golthala and concluded at Mahatma Gandhi Statue. Students took part in the rally in thousands. Students raised slogans on redefining education, renovating society, regaining struggle, revolution in humanity, revolution in society, revolution in campuses and many more. The rally also featured tabloids to express the various problems in India and the attacks of Israel on Palestine.

The concluding program featured cultural activities by the winners of mono acting, mime and street play, who stood first. Mr. Ahmed Muneef (President – Students Islamic Movement – Sri Lanka), Mr. Rafeeq Ahmed (Assistant Secretary – JIH), Dr. Nooruddin (State President – JIH West Bengal), Mr. Ahmed Hasan Imran (Editor – Kalam Daily), Mr. Shahnawaz Ali Raihan (CAC Member – SIO of India) and Mr. Mohammed Azharuddin (National President) addressed the gathering.

Mr. Mohammed Azharuddin said, “The current entertainment is filled with vulgarity, indecency and immodesty and it is leading the youth to the wrong path. Thus SIO is striving to redefine entertainment and give an alternative to the current entertainment which is prevailing in our country today. With reference to this SIO had raised the slogan of ‘Edutainment’ (Entertainment with education) through the Students Festival”. Mr. P.M. Salih (General Secretary – SIO of India), National Secretaries, Zonal Presidents of various states were also present.

The program also featured the launch of the SIO’s Hindi magazine which is titled “Chatra Vimarsh”. Prizes were given to all the participants who stood first in various competitions. Mr. Syed Saad from Maharashtra won the overall individual championship and Maharashtra state won the overall championship. The program concluded by a vote of thanks which was rendered by Mr. Ansar Abubakar,Convener – Students Festival ’12.


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