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Central and state governments must adopt policy of inclusive development


This would mean that more than one third of the population of India is in poverty. This also reveals the duality of the propaganda of ‘stunning achievements of development’ of India. Despite the increase in GDP, Starvation deaths and farmers suicide are increasing day by day. Globalization has proved itself to be synonym to impoverishment. Wealth of nation is being concentrated to few hands. In a poor country like India, education is suffering from commercialization.

Our Government should not treat education as an industry. It is at this particular point of time to create awareness about the dangerous impacts of capitalistic imperialism on individual, society, culture, environment and politics in general and on students and educational system in specific SIO of India has launched a campaign with the title ‘Students Voice for a Just World’.

After government allowing foreign direct investment (FDI) in key sectors such as telecom, food processing and even retail, our human resource development minister Mr.Kapil Sibal is strongly in favor of allowing FDI in India’s education sector. It will lead to huge commercialization of education and a cultural attack on India. All the recent issues including demands of new states, Naxalism are strong indicators of deepening social injustice in our country. SIO Campaign will be a strong resistance of the student community against social injustice in our country. Capitalistic neo-imperialism and its neo-liberal policies have flooded the media and surroundings with vulgarity and obscenity. In a country where Director General of Police held guilty of molesting a teenage girl or Governor involved in sex racket whose headquarters are the Raj Bhavan itself, SIO believes there is need of socially sensitive student community who can raise their voice against all kind of injustice.

Br.Ashfaq Ahmed- State Convener of campaign, Br. Saadat Zaki Mulla- Zonal Secretary SIO Karnataka, Br. Farooq Sheikh- Joint Secretary SIO Karnataka and Syed Ishtiyaq Hassan- Public Relations Secretary were present in the Press Conferenece

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