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Categorising the institutions will degrade the standard of education and may lead to commercialise the courses: SIO

The new set of draft regulations set by UGC will pave the way for Category I institutions to commercialise the courses. Why would be the NET & SLET holders will like to pursue research in low grade or category III institutions, they would always like to study in Top institutions. Categorising the institutions into I, II, III will not solve the quality concerns, in fact, it will degrade the standard of education.

The standards of higher education in the country cannot be ensured without improving the quality of education in the colleges situated in rural areas. It is to be evaluated whether the process of NAAC has overcome this problem. This will definitely help to improve the quality of education and provide opportunities to exploit the unexploited resources for the development of the country. The UGC was created to maintain ‘standards’ of higher education. SIO feels that the standards of Higher education can be ensured with the help of strengthening the quality of teaching with innovative methods of teaching as universities in our country have remained by and large teaching universities. In order ensure these standards; the quality of inputs and the process are put to the routine inspection regime. It seems it has failed to a large extent in our affiliating college system. There is a need to establish a permanent group of experts in UGC to identify emerging areas of study and research.

It is very difficult to assess the quality of an educational institution in a co
mplex situation where the established educational institutions are producing students with given set of objectives. This needs to be recognised while examining the issues of quality and equity in education. If the quality of these products is evaluated from the perspective of the needs of the industry, it is very difficult to arrive at a conclusion about their relevance. The inequalities were built in within the system from the very beginning in India. The majority of the courses offered in the universities and colleges are designed to produce a graduate with a specified amount of knowledge and skills.

We should nurture the tradition of philanthropic contributions through changes in incentives for universities. The elements of infrastructure that support the teaching – learning process, such as laboratories, libraries and communication technology need to be upgraded on a regular basis. The government should provide more grants to the higher learning institutions located in rural areas.

The government should aim at enhancing equity & inclusion in higher education by establishing more higher learning public institutions in minority and backward community dominated areas.

Syed Azharuddin
National Secretary,
SIO of India.

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