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Calicut University Union Election: Tremendous Lead for SIO

Grand lead for SIO in Calicut University Union Election held on 4th October. SIO bagged 6 unions, 43 general seats, 16 associations and 15 class representative seats and attained second in most of the campuses. It was the struggles, fastings and imprisonments by SIO as the representatives of four and half lakh students against the mal administrations of Calicut university were led to this great performance which has demolished the so called main stream students movements. This glorious reminds the contemporary students politics who have shown untouchability towards everything religious based and later themselves accepted it globally with extreme spirit. The general secretary candidate of SIO in Palakkad Victoria College has bagged 450 votes and missed it for a strand of hair. It’s the first time SIO contests in Trichur Kerala Varma College insured the second with a great competition. In Malalppuram, SIO becomes the second strength in more than ten campuses which includes PSMO, JEMS, MAJLIS, SAFA, HM MANJERI, EMEA, FAROOK ARTS COLLEGE, UNITY COLEGE, MALAPPURAM GOVT. COLLEGE. SIO gained the vice chairman post in EMEA, editor and class rep. posts in FAROOK arts college and an association in SAFA college. In Calicut, SIO candidates have shown a great performance in silver Arts college, MES Mukkam, MAMO, IHRD, Arts college Kodanchery and became second in contested seats.

SIO destroyed an autocracy of 30 years in EMEA. Except SFI candidates, it’s an SIO candidate who won a seat in Brahnans College under Kannanore University after 40 years. We are being the witnesses of expelling the muscle power politics by the youth in Kerala campuses through this election. Now the pure air of democracy is getting admission in Kerala Campuses. The change loving young generation of Kerala hits on the face of the long time dreams that some political idealizations may made successful through muscle power. The election is not commenced yet in management colleges like MES Ponnani, Mampad, Asmabi, Farooq College Calicut in which SIO has a great deal of resources. The leading politics in Kerala campuses is one that gives hope for the upcoming generation. SIO state President Shihab Pookkottur congratulates everyone who fought continuously and those who supported them with no fear for the achievement of the creative political spring deep rooted in social commitment and consciousness on rights.


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