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Book on “TERROR FREE INDIA – INSIGHT & ROAD AHEAD” Released by SIO Karnataka

SIO Karnataka released a book “Terror Free India – Insight & Road Ahead” in press conference at Bengaluru. Mr. B.T Venkatesh, while releasing the book said, this book gives insight on terror & its varied dimensions. Terrorism is a global threat. Proper awareness on terrorism & its varied dimensions is the key to address this serious issue of Terrorism.

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Inaugurating the statewide campaign on “Terror Free India” Mr. Labeed Shafi, state president, SIO Karnataka said Pluralism is an intrinsic characteristic of our nation. The constitution of India envisages to develop an atmosphere of mutual friendship, love coupled with a conducive environment to lead a life of harmony.  The protection of human rights is one of the foremost objectives of the Constitution of India. Today the human rights violation is assuming varied dimensions. As such, the protection of human rights must be the first priority of all peace loving Indians. He said, Today, Terrorism is a global phenomenon. Any act which terrorizes the public is akin to terrorism. Terrorism has devastated the very balance of humanity. For the advantage of casteist and religio-political benefits and to safeguard the international interests and in the name of internal security, the misuse of this term has become routine. Without properly investigating the crimes, the prejudiced approach to crimes have in fact lead to foster the terrorism in our land. It is a known fact that the saviours become the perpetrators of terrorism. As a responsible student organization, SIO is committed to create awareness against the evil of terrorism and violence. Thus, Students Islamic organization of India (SIO) Karnataka has decided to organize a statewide campaign “Terror Free India” to create awareness against all kinds of terrorism, violence, cruelty, oppression and communalism. SIO strongly believes that only proper awareness can protect the humanity from the stringent clutches of terrorism. He added.

Mr. Thouseef Ahamed Madikeri, National Secretary, SIO of India said Public Lectures, Campus Lectures, competitions, documentary screening, Activists meet etc will be organized during this campaign across state.

Mr. Irshad Ahmed Desai, Convener, APCR, Mr. Syed Tanveer Ahmed, Editor, Karnataka Muslims & Secretary JIH Karnataka  & Mr. Byatha N Jagadeesh, Mr. Maaz Salman Maniyar, General Secretary, SIO Karnataka, Mr Abdul Kabeer, Secretary, SIO Karnataka were also present during Inauguration of Campaign & Release of a Book on “TERROR FREE INDIA – INSIGHT & ROAD AHEAD”.

To build an atmosphere of peace, harmony and compassion, to exhibit positive unity amidst diversity is the spirit of Indian culture, let us uphold and strive to make India free from all forms of extremism and terrorism!

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