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Batla House: Justice Delayed is Justice Denied | SIO New Delhi

New Delhi(18 Sep): A people’s rally in demand of Judicial Enquiry in Batla House Fake Encounter organized by a group of Civil Rights movements on the mark of its third year. SIO (Student’s Islamic Organisation of India) Jamiah Millia Islamia Zone was leading the rally.

Ajmal Zonal President of Jamiah Milliah Zone addressed the gathering and expressed deep solidarity of SIO in the battle of justice. He Said “Indian Minorities especially Muslims are considered as secondary citizens. They are being targeted easily as suspected terrorist and security officials hunting them down for benefits of their own. All dimensions of Muslims identity is suspected as though an emergency declared. Aatif and Sajjad the victims of Batla House Fake Encounter are preys of this long run anti Muslim policy of government machinery.”

Zonal Advisory Member Ansar Kareem said, “ The government imposes ‘terror culture’ in society through these type of fake encounters. Government should focus their effort to implement recommendations form committees like Sachar and Ranganath Misra Commision for the upliftment of minorities. Humanitarian ideology like Islam can resist these realities as other ‘isms’ have lost their relevance in all dimensions of solving issues of the society. Indeed it is the need of the hour that conscious and responsible citizens join hands for these causes.

A huge gathering of public from various organization led this rally from Khaleelullah Masjid through Batla House to its destination at Jamiah Millia Campus.

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