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How to face Exam Lecture Series in Gujarat State!!!


SIO Gujarat observed 10 days long lecture series on “How to face exam” in different cities, town and villages in Gujarat state. Almost 3000 plus students were engaged and benefited through this lectures in schools, tuition classes and various popular places in different district of Gujarat. SIO Gujarat members (Umar Mansuri) and former SIO member(Kalim Ansari) presented lecture on this topic and helped students to get rid of fear and stress of the exam and also guided them on how to prepare for examinations not only just to pass but to score.   Save

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Local Leaders Camp of SIO Gujarat


Local Organisers and Local Presidents (LO-LPs) Camp was organized on 12 February,  2017 at IRC office, Baroda. The purpose of the camp was to explain policy and program of SIO for the term 2017. All the local leaders are actively involved in the program and the program was highly energetic and motivated with Br. Tauseef Madekari (National Secretary, SIO OF INDIA). Program was concluded by State President Br. Abid khan with his Presidential speech which was also ignting local leaders for highest contribution at local levels for the sake of allah. ]   Save

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