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Haya Day organized on the Occasion of Valentine’s Day

Public talk in Haya day Campaign

On the Occasion of Valentine’s Day, Haya Day organized by SIO Unit. Cadres explained to public the bad effects of Valentine’s day at new generation of our Country. How much we are wasting money while our other Brothers and sisters doesn’t have sufficient food even to eat one time in a day.

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Signature Campaign organized for Where is Najeeb?

Signature Campaign organized for “Where is Najeeb?” More Than 6,500 Signature get collected from different places and sent to Minority Minister.

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Zonal Level Associate Making Campaign


  Associate Making Campaign Organized by SIO MP West zone. Objective of campaign was “Introduce SIO to large masses and to Make new Associates”. Alhamdulillah Personal Meets, Corner Meets, Tea Parties, Competitions, Moral Lectures, Educational Awareness programs etc. organized at different places. At the completion of Campaign Zonal Level “Cadres Meet” organized in Bhopal. Chief Guests of This Event were Br. Nazeerul Hasan Khan Falahi and Br. Kashif Ahmed Faraz.

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Career Guidance Seminar


To Guide the students to choose their career and to provide them informations of different fields, Career Guidance Seminar Organized in Harda and Ujjain Units of SIO MP WEST zone for Students of Different streams.

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