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Nation Diverted by Rising Intolerance, Government must peep into its policies

Nation Diverted by Rising Intolerance, Government must peep into its policies.

New Delhi: Growing intolerance is a danger sign for future India, where government had adopted the policy of Development on one side and on other, it supports growing intolerance by maintaining silence on the violent acts and justifying it as an accidents’. Whether it is Throwing of ink on Surendra Kulkarni in Mumbai and on J&K MLA Rashid in Delhi or Killing of Professor M M Kalburgi, Akhlak in Dadri and Burning of two daughters in Faridabad is rejected as not the matters of state, clearly signifies that today’s government is not much serious about the rising polarization, and are …

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New education policy should imbibe the constitutional values, it should provide equal and quality education


  Release of an analytical and recommendations on new education policy by Prof.Noor Basha, Nagarjuna university, AP. and Mr.Kareemuddin, State President SIO, AP at vijayawada press club today. Prof. Noor Basha Said that Government of India should with draw its agreement from WTO-GATS . New education policy should imbibe the constitutional values, it should provide equal and quality. Mr. Kareemuddin SIO State President said SIO of India done concrete work on education polices in India, we organized 19 academic discussions throughout nation, and finally SIO prepared Recommendations to Govt of India. Govt of India fails to improve education standards. In last …

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SIO demands to reinstate student’s union elections in all universities & colleges of karnataka.


Students Islamic Organisation of India (SIO) Karnataka zone strongly feels that educational campuses must have democratic atmosphere, so that students can freely express and take up the problems & needs of the students, campuses and nation. To solve Educational & Social problems of universities “student union elections” are need of hour. Universities of state of Karnataka are coming under news for rampant corruption in them. Universities are supposed to create healthy society but they are losing this character. One of the primary reasons for this maladministration and illegal gratification is absence of active students union in universities. The government has …

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Students Islamic Organisation of India condemns the indiscriminate terrorist firing on students in Kenya.

President Iqbal Husain of Students Islamic Organisation of India condemned the terrorists firing indiscriminately on students in Kenya. Early Thursday morning, masked gunmen stormed the assembled students at Garissa University, by gunning to death total of 147 students. In a pathetic university condition guarded by two police men. We feel that any unlawful killing of innocents is a symbol of uncivilized and uncultured group/people. No religion justifies such horrific acts. We express our pain on barbaric and inhumane killing of innocents in the name of terror and anti terror around the globe. We also feel that Nations have not yet …

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SIO joins in for save Sharmila Solidarity Campaign SSSC at Jantar Mantar New Delhi


Student islamic organization of india joins in solidarity with other social organizations raising voice to repeal AFSPA & release Irom Sharmila,also the joint letter drafted to prime minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi  with following appeal. Irom Sharmila or the Iron lady of Manipur has entered the 15thyear of her hunger-strike against AFSPA. For 15 years, she has been pleading for humanity. Her struggle of 15 years shows her relentless faith in the democratic institutions. She is hopeful that someday the Government will listen to her. She is a true democrat yet her democratic way of protest is being ignored …

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Government’s Downswing in Social Expenditure in Union Budget 2015 is not a good sign for the People India, SIO

The Union Budget 2015 presented by Mr. Arun Jaitley, the Finance Minister, Government of India (GOI) indicates a considerable downswing in social expenditure, which is not a good sign for the people of India, said the Mr. Iqbal Hussain, the National President, Student Islamic Organisation (SIO) of India in his press release on the issue. In his statement, the National President said, there is a substantial reduction seen in overall budgetary allocations on the education, health, social justice and empowerment sectors as compared to the previous budget. The decrease in funds allocated for school education and the cut-off in mid-day …

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Students Islamic Organisation has urged the Union government not to make the Aadhaar card mandatory, reports The Hindu.

Students Islamic Organisation has urged the Union government not to make the Aadhaar card mandatory for obtaining scholarships and other benefits. SIO members took out a rally in Basava Kalyan on Thursday and submitted a memorandum to the government saying that this rule would keep out majority of the students from the minority community from the social welfare net. The government accepts that only 22 per cent of students are covered under the scheme. How can a scheme based on such poor coverage be called universal? The government should withdraw the circular stating this rule, they said. The leaders submitted …

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Small actions bring large hope in humanity


Two little children of wadala were robbed of rupees 3000 and school bag. This amount was all these children had and they have lost even that now. On hearing this news, members of SIO from Mumbai unit took the issue to MPJ for legally aiding the victim’s family also went to their home and provided moral support also gave them 3500 rupees to continue there education.

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Students should play a vital role in Building the Nation:National president of SIO.

National Symposium

Uttar Pradesh Central, chapter of Students Islamic Organization of India had organized a symposium on “Role of Students in the Nation Building”. The symposium was addressed by the national president, SIO of India Br. Iqbal Hussain where he said, Overall development of the country is possible only when the student community recognize their liability. Now a days students are ignoring their social responsibility because of which evils are penetrating in our society and destroying our society. Further he told that Indian Government is much concerned to take part in competition of economic globalization but has no plan to uplift the …

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SIO Gujarat organizes ‘Mohammad (p.b.u.h) For All’ campaign


Gujarat chapter of the Students Islamic Organization of India (SIO) organized a campaign to spread the peaceful message of Islam with support of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind. The campaign was conducted from 1st to 7th January across the entire Gujarat state. The main objective of this campaign was to present the peaceful message of Islam to students and youth, in order to clear the misconceptions about Prophet Mohammad (p.b.u.h.), as part of campaign different government and private hospitals were visited, schools of specially abled students were also visited where booklets and snacks were distributed. Books Stalls, one to one meet with students …

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