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Najeeb: SIO will conduct signature campaign


Malappuram: Students Islamic Organisation of India has decided to collect 2.5 million signatures as a part of its nation wide campaign on finding Najeeb, a student of JNU who’ve gone missing about four months back. Signature campaigns and other kinds of protests would take part in campuses across the country and will be produced infront of the National Commission for Minorities, informed Sio Kerala state president C.T. Suhaib . Najeeb is a reminder of the well executed oppression of the fascist government against dalit and muslim minorities in India,He said. The police and the government is totally inactive on this …

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Students Parliament – Political Economy of Indian Education System

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E. T. Mohammed Bahseer, the Hon’ble Member of Parliament addressed the students in ‘Students Parliament’ on the topic ‘Political Economy of Education’. He said, education plays a vital role in Economic Development of the nation. Qualitative Human Capital is the back bone of all economic activity. Given the importance of Education in over all development of the nation it is inevitable that the GOI of India should play a promising role in facilitating this sector to make our education system a global standard. He also said, focus should be not only on the quantity but also on the quality of …

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SIO demands University in Mewat


SIO of India organised a demonstration at Delhi demanding educational upliftment of Mewat. Dr. Javed Zafar (CSR, Delhi), Mr. Thouseef Madikeri (Convener, Mewat Educational Development), Mr. Inamurrahman (FMEI) and Mr. Abdul Wodud and Nazeerul Hasan (National Secretaries, SIO of India) addressed the gathering. SIO also organised 53 Public meetings on the educational issues in Mewat district.                       Demands Develop primary & High Schools on the pattern of Kendriya Vidyalaya’s in all blocks of Mewat Develop High Schools in Taoru, Hathin, Nuh, Ferozpur Jhirka and Punhana Tehsils Provide Scholarship to 11th …

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Seminars on Educational Status of Uttar Pradesh at Allahabad and Meerut


Education for Social Transformation: Issues & Dilemmas. Shiksha Panchayat: A Seminar on the issues of Uttar Pradesh was organized at National Inter College, Meerut on 22/05/2015. Mr. Ambarish Rai of RTE Forum, Mr. Abdul Qadeer Islahi, ZP SIO UP West, Mr. Thouseef Madikeri ( SIO National Secretary) and Mr. Inamurrahman National Coordinator, FMEI addressed the gathering. ‪#‎NorthIndiaEducationalDevelopment‬ ‪#‎UttarPradesh‬                       Seminar on Educational Status of Uttar Pradesh was organised at Allahabad on 23/05/2016. Prof. Sandeep Pandey, Dr. Javed Zafar, Mr.Thouseef Madikeri addressed the gathering. Mr. Ariz Alvi, President, SIO UP East …

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Shiksha Panchayat massive rally and demonstration at Lucknow


SIO of India organised massive rally and demonstration at Lucknow demanding Govt. to solve the educational issues of Uttar Pradesh. Prof. Sandeep Pandey (IIT, BHU), Mr. Alif Shukoor (General Secretary, SIO of India), Lenin Raghuvanshi (Social Activist), Thouseef Madikeri ( Convener, NIEM) and other social activists were present. Demands: Make education easily accessible and reduce the inequality in education. Optimally use the budget allocations. Timely review the syllabus so that better pedagogy be developed. Discourage the privatization of education and appoint capable teachers. Focus on primary education and its problems. To free education of the corruption. Let people belonging to …

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Delhi Declaration on Right to Education


SIO of India released Delhi Declaration on RTE at Press Club of India. Education has always been important and it is crucial for the entire developmental process of a country, its welfare and progress. As we know that RTE act completed 6 years, we had organized a social auditing of 12 states (Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Telangana, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Delhi, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Jharkhand) in the month of February, far reaching and serious discussions were made on the prevailing conditions in Educational sectors as well as the proactive steps needed to be taken to improve its condition. …

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Students Parliament at Constitution Club of India, New Delhi

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Students Islamic Organisation of India organised a ‘Students Parliament’ on different issues related to education at ‪#‎Constitution_Club‬ in Delhi on Saturday, 23 July 2016. There were four sessions including inaugural session which were named as ‘Education under market driven Neo liberal Policies’, “Political Economy of Indian Education System” and “Institutionalized Communalization”. The first session was inaugural session addressed by Leni Jadhav, National General Secretary, National Student Union of India, Salimullah Khan , Head, Education Affairs, Humal Welfare Foundation and Meeran Haider, leader of Jamia Student Federation. In this session Meeran Haider said that we are not able to elect our …

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Shri. Arvind Kejriwal (Chief Minister, Delhi) launched Students Parliament website www.sioconference.in


Shri. Arvind Kejriwal (Chief Minister, Delhi) launched Students Parliament website www.sioconference.in at his residence. SIO of India is organizing Students Parliament on 23 July, 2016 in Delhi. The specific objective of the Students Parliament is to educate and develop an interest in participants about the issues pertaining to education system and students, to provide a platform for students to express their ideas, concerns and expectations to provide the Government a document expressing the considered view of participants on a range of issues which they feel is important to the student community. Students Parliament will discuss on the following topics Education …

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SIO urged YSK Sheshu Kumar, Chairman, CBSE to scrap the dress code diktat

Y.S.K Seshu Kumar IFoS

SIO delegation led by National Secretary, Thouseef Madikeri submitted a detailed memorandum and 20 page document on CBSE dress code prepared by Mr. Abdussalam Puthige (Renowned Scholar & the Chief Editor of Vartha Bharathi) to Sri YSK Sheshu Kumar (Chairman, CBSE). Mr. Nazeerul Hasan Falahi (National Secretary, SIO) was also present. Dear Sir, While the dismal situation of the status of the Indian Muslim Community in terms of education is alarmingly bad, the plight of Muslim women in this arena is much worse. Obviously it is the collective responsibility of the Muslim Community in the first place to take every …

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RTE Act Implementation in Maharashtra – Shiksha Adalat


RTE Act Implementation in Maharashtra Dr M A Baseer (dr.baseer.nanded@gmail.com)   Section IMPLEMENTATION ISSUES Sec 3(2) No child shall be liable to pay any kind of fee or charges or expenses which may prevent him from pursuing or completing elementary education 3(3) [(3) A child with disability referred to in sub-clause (A) of clause (ee) of section 2 shall, without prejudice to the provisions of the Persons with Disabilities have the same rights to pursue free and compulsory elementary education. Mah State G R dated April 18, 2013; District level flying squad for monitoring RTE Implementation ·        Students have to …

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