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As Saleh – As Sabeel – Annual JAC Picnic of SIO Mumbra-Kausa (Mumbai)

ember Jamaat-e-Islami Hind), Janaab Masood Iqbal (Godrej Industries) & Prof Safdar Ulde (Prof Rizvi Junior college, Bandra, Mumbai) .The associates were divided into 4 groups (Hazrat Ali, Hazrat Hamzah, Al-Farooque, Khalid Bin Waleed). The first halt was at the Yusuf Mehar Ali Centre, 40 kms from Mumbra located on the Mumbai-Goa highway at the foothills of Karnala Bird Sanctuary. Associates visited the various departments of the Center viz. Oil extraction unit, Pottery, Bakery, Dairy & Vermiculture & Soap Making unit. After visiting the center the associates had a great time solving the puzzle on the Prophets of Islam and yelling with the answers asked in the Quiz competition.


The associates were then introduced to Dr. G. G. Parikh (MBBS), freedom fighter, founding chairman Yusuf Mehar Ali centre. Dr. Parikh enlightened the associates with his vision of free India & the reasons why he was part of the freedom struggle. Before concluding his speech he told the students not to be materialistic and to fight for two things

1) The corruption in the government

2) For the rights of poor & underprivileged


The team then offered the Zohar & Asr Salaah and headed for Alibag a coastal town in the Konkan region, 100 Kms from Mumbai. After having their lunch the associates had a discussion on the qualities of an Ideal Muslim Student.


It was now time for some sports. There were football & Dodge ball matches between the teams. The associates than had a thrilling time taking a dip in the waters of Arabian Sea.


The team set off for the return journey after offering the Maghrib Salaah.


SIO Mumbra-Kausa thanks Br. Ziya-ul-Islam, Br. Afeef, Br. Altaf, Br. Junaid and all other associates for their hard work & commitment in organizing the Picnic. May ALLAH accept all our efforts. (Aameen)


About Yusuf Mehar Ali Centre

The centre is named after freedom fighter Yusuf Mehar Ali who was thr first mayor of Mumbai & gave the slogan “Bharat Chodo”.Yusuf Mehar Ali Centre is Located at Tara village, 80 Kms from Mumbai near the town of PEN on the Mumbai-Goa Highway. The Prime objective of the Center is to provide employment opportunities to the

tribal & under privileged people living in the Raigadh district. The centre setup in 1962 has an oil extraction unit (Mustard & Groundnut), Pottery unit where Flower Vase, Earthen pots and other material are prepared, bakery unit, Soap manufacturing unit (Prepared from Veg ingredients), Vermiculuture unit to prepare natural manures & pesticides. The products from these units are sold in markets in Mumbai and Raigadh. It also has an ITI training centre where free Training is provided to poor students for six months. The centre has Schools, Health centers & Hospitals offering medical services at subsidized rates.


About G. G. Parikh

A doctor (MBBS) by profession. He is the founder chairman of Yusuf Mehar Ali centre. He was part of the team of Yusuf Mehar Ali during the freedom struggle. A staunch supporter of Hindi he prefers talking in Hindi. His objective is to fight for the rights of farmers and tribal people.

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