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All political parties must include education as an important subject in their agenda demands CAC SIO Of India

October 5th, 2013: SIO Headquarters, New Delhi

A two-day session of the Central Advisory Council (CAC) of Students Islamic Organisation of India was held on October 5 & 6 2013 at New Delhi. The gathering expressed its concern over the current scenario of national politics, government’s lack of interest in education and educational institutions, attempts by the fascist forces to stretch the communal sentiments among others.

Following Resolutions were passed by the CAC in this regard,

  • This forum of CAC expresses strong concern over the rising incidents of communal violence in the recent days and failure of governmental machinery in their prevention. In view of the approaching elections in the country, fascist forces are striving to corrupt the environment of peace by use of social media and other means, and in such air most of the political parties are willing to score their political goals. This forum forcefully demands that the state and central government take firm steps to protect the country from communalism and sectarianism. Alongside, it appeals all the peace-loving citizens of the country that rather than playing the role of silent spectators they should come forward and be prepared for a common struggle to cleanse this poison from the country. Similarly, this assembly demands from the central government that the Communal Violence (Prevention) Bill be passed without any procrastination.
  • With 2014 general elections in sight, all political parties have started off with their political campaigns. Although no political party has declared its election manifesto, but by the statements of their leaders their agendas are guessable. As a student organization it is the feeling of SIO of India’s Central Advisory Council that a primary need of a major part of country’s population – Students’ Community – i.e. education, no political party has yet announced its ambitions and manifesto. This assembly of CAC demands all political parties that they include education as an important subject in their agenda and clarify their position on long overdue demands, like the expenditure of 6% of GDP on raising the standards of education and other issues; and fulfill these demands after the elections.
  • The CAC is worried about the rising cases of sexual violence in our country. The numbers of incidents are rising despite the hue and cry over the recent infamous Delhi gang rape case and the punishments awarded to the guilty by the court following it. CAC has a feeling that in order to stop such incidents not only harsher laws are needed, but also will power to prevent such cases & mutual cooperation in governmental agencies, police and other institutions is very much required. Along with it, it is important to find out the actual reasons behind these crimes and efforts be made to eliminate such causes.
  • This CAC gathering expresses its anger and grief over the events that occurred in Egypt in recent days; murder of democracy by the military rulers and forcefully crushing the valid demands of the masses are such moves that can never be permitted in the civilized world. This forum also condemns the dual role of the western and Arab countries who, despite their pledge with respect to democracy, are dealing in cooperation and kindness with military rulers of Egypt. This gathering puts the demand before the Indian government as well that it honors its commitment to democracy and human rights, and denounce the Egyptian military rulers.
  • This CAC gathering expresses its deepest anxiousness over the unfolding of one after other cases of corruption in the country. These cases are on the rise; the political class is engaged in fulfilling every wish by its means. Its effect is visible in public life at all levels and every space. This meeting, in this entire situation, feels that the corruption be eradicated in its entirety in public life and in political circles – everywhere – and for this, where there is a need for laws, there is also the need to reform the mindsets of students and youth in the educational institutions.
  • CAC also notes that the series of arrests of innocent Muslim youth by illegal means started in the name of fight against terrorism should be immediately stopped. In this regard, the letter written by Union Minister Mr. Sushil Kumar Shinde to the state Chief Ministers should be immediately followed up and innocent Muslim youths locked in jails for months and years should be freed. At the same time, such illegal arrests without any enquiry and harassment by the police and secret agencies should be thwarted.
  • Central Advisory Council of SIO welcomes the decision of the establishment of a separate state of Telangana. It considers this an important decision keeping in mind the backwardness of a big population in the area. By such decision the region that could not benefit from basic developmental planning and faces multiple problems can get better share its way. Besides CAC also feels that there should be a just distribution of resources like finance, water, electricity etc between the new state and Seemandhra and politicians give highest priority to the interest of the public in both the areas.

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