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t of S.I.O. of India who was present all throughout the 3 nights and 4 days. The Camp started with arrivals, registrations and Juma Namaaz. The First session after Namaaz and lunch started at 3.00 pm with Darse Quraan by Janaab Jamaal Akhtar Malik. This was followed by introductory words of Zonal Secretary Br. Anees Mohammad. This was followed by each and every participant coming to the dais to introduce himself.


Next programme was a workshop based on personality development and was conducted by Br. Ateequr Rehman, ZAC Member, Karnataka Zone on the topic “Self Assessment Workshop”. Br. Akbar Khan than moderated Group Discussion on “How do I perceive Islam” wherein everybody participated and it was concluded by Zonal President Br. Anwar Khan. Last programme before the night break was a Tazkeer by Janaab Hasan Khan, Ameer-e-Muqam, JIH Vasco Unit on the topic “Kabar – Akhirat ki pehli Manzil” and the last session of the first day of the camp was called off.


Next day started with the Fajr Prayers soon followed by recitation and hifz of ayat from the Holy Quraan. First Session of 2nd day of the camp started at 10.00 am with Dars-e-Quraan by Jb. Jamaal Akhtar soon followed by speech of National President Br. Suhail K. K. on the topic “Conspiracy of the New World Order”. Janaab Samir Khan of Mapusa in the same session spoke on “Muslim Contribution to Knowledge Disciplines” and the session was concluded by speech of Br. Ateequr Rehman on “Demerits of prevailing Education System”.

Post lunch session started at 2.30 pm with Br. Ateeq enlightening the young audience on career prospects in his workshop on Education Guidance. Br. Abid presented his seminar on the importance and ways of managing time. Rev. Fr. Eremito Rebello addressed the gathering at 7.00 pm and cited the incidences of the life of Blessed Joseph Vaz and inspired the students to work for good causes. Br. Suhail K.K. also highlighted the importance of student activism and presented Fr. Eremito with a memento. Janaab Hasan Khan presented Tazkeer on topic “Jahannam”. After dinner the students sat down to watch the movie “The Wednesday”.


The third day saw the participants going out for a morning walk waving the S.I.O. flag and the post break fast session started with Darse Quraan by Jb. Hasan Khan. The morning session was based on basics of Islam. Jb. Yusuf Khan and Br. Abdul Wahab both shared the topic “Glimpses of Prophets Life – Tazkiya of Deeds”. This was followed by Leadership in present scenario by Presiden Suhail K.K. Special Guests Dr. Javed Baig from National Centre for Antartic And Ocean Reasearch (NCAOR) & Pastor Gerson Cutinho, Good Hope Trust, Goa dealt with the topic “The Purpose of Education”. Brother Asif Hussain dealth with the topic “Way to the Quraan” later on followed by “Introduction to Daee” by Asadullah Khan.

Day 4 also started with Fajr prayers and Quraan Hifz. Interesting session that followed comprised of “Ta-asurat” wherein participants criticised as well as appreciated the organization and management of the camp. Camp Organiser Br. Zaheer Abbas explained and dealt with the questions that came across to him. This was followed by the Guidelines of the Zonal President Br. Anwar Khan and summed up by the National President Br. Suhail K.K. T-Shirts were presented to all the participants and the organizers by the National President as a mark of remembrance.

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