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“A Big NO to V’day”, “Be Valentine to the Society”, “STOP commercialization of Relationship etc.”
“only one day is not sufficient for expressing the true LOVE. It should be basically for 365 days, These days are nothing but money market for MNC’s seeking their interest, over 900 Million cards are exchanged during these days, Imagine equivalent amount can make a difference in millions life.” Said Mirza Kamran, He was speaking to Reports in his Media Bite.
Many students and young couples also gathered to listen the message which was delivered through corner meets by SIO members.
Beautiful handbills were also distributed on this occasion. This was a creative way of giving the same message.
“The celebration of Valentine’s Day is nothing, but giving open license to the youth to indulge in immoral acts. We believe that such activities will erode moral and family values, which ultimately promotes promiscuity among youth” Opined Abdul Qadeer (President SIO Mumbai)
“We are against this western cultural invasion in our society as it affects our family bonds and undermines India’s culture of respecting each other as sisters and brothers. We strongly believe that the motive behind projecting this day is to promote unethical male-female relationships” Kamran added.
In corner meets multiple good messages were given
Like “We should cherish and celebrate all kinds of love that the human heart is capable to feel. This includes loving one’s family, loving one’s friends, loving one’s neighbors, loving orphans and the poor, loving animals and pets, loving nature and environments, loving one’s parents and one’s children, etc. What we see happening on the Valentine’s Day is exactly the opposite. We should question our acts and not copy others”
“SIO demands that students should behave as a responsible citizen of INDIA and realize what they can contribute to the society. Students should realize the real motive of Valentine’s Day and not fall prey to this culture of nudity and not be self centric alienating themselves from the society rather they should be caring for all and play their part in reconstruction of the society. We should spent some time with poor and needy and spend the same amount, which is going into expensive gifts and cards or on outing somewhere, on them”,

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