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29 Years ON-SIO-Struggling for better India- SIO MNZ

NAGPUR: On 19th of October 2011 SIO (Student of Islamic Organization) celebrated its 29th glorious year from establishment, it was held in Muslim Library, Mominpura Nagpur.

The program started by the wording of THE HOLY QURAN on ‘how can we manage  service to personal life as well as to Almighty ALLAH’ by Mr. Syed  Niyaz Ali (President Jamaat-e-Islami, Nagpur East). The Dars-e-Quran raised questions of Importance such as if we (human being) have been sent to this world what could be the purpose? Which totally hammered our minds and tortured our ideas to flow? Are we here just for eat, drink and be marry? Covering all sorts of possibilities and solutions, when Dars drove close to the end one could find a solution for it, which was as simple as just to move on the footprints of Quran and Hadith.

The program went on and the Convener Br. Faizan ur rahman called upon Br. Zeeshan Omar (Local President East Nagpur ) for inaugural words.
After the inaugural words the speech on the topic “public speaking” delivered by Dr. Anwar Siddiqui (ZAC member SIO Maharashtra North Zone). He acknowledged the audience on how to be a good speaker and gave the audience good tips to follow.  “If you want to put some point in front of the public of 10 then he must have the preparation of 100 min, 10 min for each person and the speech should consume just 10 min, moreover the words spoken by speaker should reach deep inside Audience heart and not just get overshoot the head”

The concluding speech on “Why join SIO?” and its importance for an individual student was given by Honorable Mr. Suhail Ameer Shaikh (Zonal President of SIO Maharashtra North Zone). It was very inspirational speech , the work of SIO was enlightened and it was very clear that there is no Organization better than SIO in India.

The recognition of SIO by UNESCO was also mentioned, after this provoking speech there was the exhibition distinguishing among the meaningful and meaningless drawings. The drawings & sketches contain the message of CORRUPTION, INDIAS EDUCATION SYSTEM etc. The exhibition inaugurated with the hands of Zonal president. He admired the hard work of Br. Aatif Ahmad Inamdar for his excellent sketches.
This program was concluded by glorifying ALLAH and advising each one to be on the correct path and audience went back by not just acknowledging SIO but also accepting it.

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